Experience golf for yourself! What does our golf tee offer?

Golf is an ideal sport for all ages. That is why we have built the most modern golf tee in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. What will you find in it?
June 21, 2024

Experience golf for yourself! What does our golf tee offer?

Despite the fact that golf is an ideal sport for all ages, there is still a lot of prejudice around it. However, it has not been an activity for wealthy businessmen for a long time. We know about it and that is the reason why we decided to build the most modern golf tee in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. What will you find in it?

First of all, an unforgettable pastime for families, friends, colleagues, beginners and professionals. But that's far from all. Let's take a closer look at the possibilities of our golf tee.

Experience modern golf technology firsthand

Hard to believe, but it really is! One of state of the art golf tee in Central Europe is located in Slovakia, directly in Trenčín. Thus, Slovaks and Czechs have a unique opportunity to get to know golf closer, get acquainted with it and maybe find the perfect hobby in it. And thanks Modern Golf Technologyby which golf tee 365 Golf RangeThis will make the sport truly addictive.

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With Toptracer you will have a perfect overview of every blow

Toptraceris a unique golf technology that you will not find in the vicinity of Slovakia. However, you can find it in our golf tee 365 Golfområde. What is Toptracer?

Toptracer is a technology that has changed golf, introduced it to the masses and made it accessible to amateurs as well. Thanks to it, you can follow The exact trajectory of the ball, its speed, as well as the distance of your launch. In addition, you will also be informed of other data related to your launch. Best of all, you can do your job. Compare with friends even the pros. With Toptracer technology, golf will be not only a sport, but also a game, similar to the well-known Angry Birds. Compete, surpass yourself and others and experience Unrepeatable funlike never before.

Thanks to Toptracer technology, you can:

• track the trajectory and speed of the ball

•see your launch on the monitor or in the app

• play on the world's playgrounds

•Set up your own player profile

• Play fun virtual games and compete individually or in groups

Power Tee technology saves your back and immerses you in the magic of golf

You may be discouraged by the constant bending over for the ball. You're right, it can be annoying. However, not in our golf tee.

Power Tee Technologywill make sure that your golf course is comfortable and enjoyable — no back pain, no constant bending over. After firing, the Power Tee will give you Automatically feed the ball, thanks to which you do not have to do it manually and you can fully concentrate only on your launches.

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The golf tee is for beginners and pros

Golf tee 365 Golfområde This is a great way to improve your Technique of the gameand achieve the success you desire. It is also a perfect opportunity for you to Acquaintance with golfas a beginner, they learned to play it and, together with friends, acquired a new hobby. Our golf tee is accessible to both beginners and professionals.

Beginners will fall in love privacy of a covered cabinwith drinks and snacks in the circle of friends, family or colleagues. You kick right out of it — comfortable, worry-free and extra warm in winter. In 365 Golf Range you can play golf all year round and enjoy unadulterated fun.

Professionals, again, can Improve the technique of your game, improve accuracy, trajectory and use the services of experienced coaches of the world morning. You can try chipping green, putting green, Scottish bunker and practice areas to take your game to a new level.

You just found the best teambuilding

We have already said that 365 Golfområdeis a golf tee for everyone. We showed you cutting-edge technologies that you can only find with us. But we kept the best until the end - you will experience it with us The best team building!

No more boring bowling, flashy laser games or unfun formal gatherings.365 Golfområdebrings a new wind of fun that you and your colleagues will enjoy to the fullest. Fun contests, delicious snacks, a bar - all this is at your disposal. In addition, you can expect a great atmosphere in Modern spacesand with pleasant staff. With us there are no limits, just endless possibilities for great team building.

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In our unique environment 365 GolfområdeIt does not matter if you are a golfer at the beginning of your journey or an experienced player. We are ready to provide you with not only professional training, but especially golf fun that you have not experienced before. Book your appointment today and come to us to get acquainted with golf. We look forward to seeing you!